About Us

Welcome to Gift Horse Boutique, where fashion and empowerment come together.

At our online boutique, our mission is to empower women to live, work, play, and feel beautiful in clothing that delivers the best life possible. You will look and feel perfectly put together--- no matter your size or shape.

Founded by Kay Koch, Gift Horse Boutique was created out of a passion for empowering women through fashion. We want you to feel confident and powerful in business attire, play joyfully in casual attire, turn heads at special events, and get compliments on how well your outfits are coordinated.

When it comes to fashion, Kay and her team at Gift Horse Boutique believe every woman should have fashionable, durable, and affordable clothes --- Clothes that are authentically you.

We are passionate about helping women of every shape and size find clothing that magnifies and accentuates their beauty and style.
At Gift Horse Boutique, we celebrate and promote you as a woman focusing on making your shopping experience the best possible.